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Easy Contour


Version: 5.3.4
Language: English
Family Sharing: Yes
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor


Online Help: Document

Video tutorial:YouTube - Easy Contour


Easy Contour is a 3D visualization, contouring and surface modeling package that runs under Mac. Itis used for terrain modeling, landscape visualization, surface analysis, contour mapping, 3D mapping, gridding, and much more.

Point layer Details

•  Add and edit points

•  Render type: Simple, ClassBreak, Categories(according to Attribute table)

•  Interpolate to Details

•  Setup Label Details

•  Build polygon layer Details: Voronoi, Delaunay triangle

Line layer Details

•  Add and edit lines

•  Render type: Simple, ClassBreak, Categories(according to Attribute table)

•  Setup Label Details

Polygon layer Details

•  Add and edit polygons

•  Render type: Simple, ClassBreak, Categories(according to Attribute table)

•  Render type_Simple → Fill type: Simple, Gradient, Hatch, Picture

•  Label Details

Other layer

•  Text layer Details

•  Image layer Details

Attribute table Details

• Add field and Remove field Details

• Hide field and Display all fields

• Select all, Select by attributes, Unselect all, Invert selection, and Zoom to select

• Statistics Details, Summarize Details, Field calculator Details, Calculate geometry Details, Field properties

• Export Text csv (*.csv) / dBASE (*.dbf)

Interpolation (kd-tree searching mechanism) Details


  • Inverse Distance (IDW)

  • Modified shepard

  • Natural neighbor

  • Nearest neighbor


  • RBF-ML

  • Simple kriging

  • Ordinary kriging

Get point M data from attribute table for interpolation


•  Grid transformation Details
•  Grid math Details
•  Grid extracting
•  Grid function Details
•  Grid blank Details
•  Grid report Details

Projection system Details

•  Geographic systems, Projected systems

•  Projection transformation

Import and Export

•   Import Scatter plot(*.txt, *.dat, *.csv, *.tab) Details

    The points coordinates and attributes are automatically added to attribute table while importing csv/txt file.

•  Import and export ESRI Shapefile Details

•  Import Binary golden software grid 6 / 7 (*.grd)

•  Export Binary golden software grid 7 (*.grd)

•  Import and export ASC Arc/Info ASCII Grid (*.asc, *.aig, *.agr, *.grd)

•  Import USGS DEM (*.dem)

•  Import and export DXF (*.dxf) Details

   When export contour lines, you can put the contour value on elevation.

•  Export Contour line to DXF

•  Export KML (*.kml) Details

•  Import and export TYGrid file (*.tyGrid) Details

•  Import and export Image

      PDF (Vector) (*.pdf)Recommended Use

      TIFF (*.tif, *.tiff), JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg),  PNG (*.png)

Other tool from toolbar

•  Bookmarks

•  Measure: Measure line, Measure area, and Measure angle

•  Goto XY