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EC: Point Layer__Interpolate to


Interpolation method

   1. Inverse distance (IDW)

       The Inverse Distance is a weighted average interpolator. Uses the measured values surrounding the

       prediction location to predict a value for any unsampled location, based on the assumption that things that

       are close to one another are more alike than those that are farther apart.

   2. Modified shepard

      The Modified Shepard uses an inverse distance weighted least squares method.

   3. Natural neighbor

  4. Nearest neighbor

      The Nearest neighbor assigns the value of the nearest point to each grid node. This method is useful when

      data are already evenly spaced, but need to be converted to a grid file. Alternatively, in cases where the data

      are nearly on a grid with only a few missing values, this method is effective for filling in the holes in the data.

   5. RBF-QNN

      The RBF-QNN option is left blank intentionally.

   6. RBF-ML

   7. Simple Kriging and Ordinary Kriging



Grid dataset

Grid dataset defines the grid limits and grid density.

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