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M: Raster Layer__Symbol__Shaded relief


1. Ambient intensity: Gets or sets a float specifying how strong the ambient directional light is. This should

                                   probably be about 1.

2. Elevation factor: This is kept separate from extrusion to reduce confusion. This is a conversion factor that

                                will convert the units of elevation into the same units that the latitude and longitude are

                                stored in. To convert feet to decimal degrees is around a factor of .00000274.

3. Extrusion: A float value expression that modifies the height of the apparent shaded relief. A value of 1

                     should show the mountains at their true elevations, presuming the Elevation factor is correct.

                     A value of 0 would be totally flat, while 2 would be twice the value.

4. Light direction: The azimuth angle in degrees for the light direction. The angle is measured clockwise

                               from North.

5. Light intensity: This specifies a float that should probably be around 1, which controls the light intensity.

6. Zenith angle: Gets or sets the zenith angle for the light direction in degrees from 0 (at the horizon) to 90

                           (straight up).