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M: Import scatter plot (*.txt, *.dat, *.csv, *.tab)


1. A data file (*.txt, *.dat, *.csv, *.tab)

2. Select [Map] and right-click the mouse, click [Import] → [Scatter point (*.txt, *.dat, *.csv, *.tab)].

3. Select a file to import, click [Open] to open the [Import data] dialog.

Note: The left table describes data type (double / int / string) of each column. Users can change data

         type. If the original data is string, the data will be 0 when the data type is changed to double or


4. Click [OK] to open the [Table to Point] dialog.

5. Shown:

6. Select the point layer to import, right-click the mouse, click [Attribute table] to open the [Attribute table]


7. Edit point (see Point layer).