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EC: Bitmap Layer


Bitmap layer: support almost all image format.

1. Right-click on [Map],move to [Add],click [Bitmap Layer].

2. Select an image file to display.

3. If you want to edit the image, select the image layer and right-click the mouse, click

  [Edit Bitmap].

4. Pop up [Image].

5. Image matching

   For example:

   (1) Import a contour map. You'll fond the bitmap does not match the contour map.

   (2) Look over the contour grid information.

        First: Click the [Contour] button, then click [Grid report].

        Second: Pop up [Grid report]. Then select format type, click the [Select] button, select the

                      file needed to view. Get the data you need, then close.

        (3) Open the bitmap editor dialog again. When done editing, click [OK].

        (4) Shown: