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E: Flyover__Looking Midpoint



•  Save as KML / KMZ : Create the output file name.

•  Tour Name : Defines the flyover name.

•  Coordinates :

○  Longitude(Degrees) : Column that contains the longitude coordinates for the flyover pathway.

 Latitude(Degrees) : Column that contains the latitude coordinates for the flyover path.

•  Duration(Between Two Points) : Type in the number of seconds that should transpire between each pathway point. This establishes the pace of the flyover.

Altitude(Meters) : Enter here how high above the ground surface, that you want to "fly". (Relative to Ground)

•  Tilt : This defines the "camera" angle. Enter 0 for horizontal, -90 for straight down, or any value in-between. The view angle must be negative (looking downward).


1. Create a new datasheet and enter or import the necessary data.

2. Select the Flyover | Looking Midpoint.

3. Enter the options as described above.

4. Click the OK button.

5. You can get a KML file.