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EC: Contour Layer__Dataset


1. By a csv / txt file

      (1) Here we have a dimension data.

      (2) Add a contour layer.


           1> Select [Map] and right-click the mouse, click [Add][Contour layer].

           2> Pop up the [Grid info] dialog. Keep the default settings, click [OK]. We added a new contour layer.

     (3) Select the new contour layer, right-click the mouse, click [Dataset].

     (4) Pop up the [Dataset viewer] dialog.

          Invalid value: The value that ,we believe is invalid,just used for placeholder,like noise level ,when the

                                  value is under -99,we believe that is useless.

      (5) Click the [Csv/txt file] button. Select a file, Click the [Open] button. Then pop up the [Data import] dialog.


      (6) Click [OK]. We can click [Cancel].

     (7)  We can remove the contour layer the we just added. We add a new contour layer again that it has 39

           rows and 50 columns.

     (8)  Import data again.

     (9) Click [OK].

       (10) Fix symbol

2. By clipboard

 (1) Select the 2d data that you want to import ,you can do that by drag operation or

         ctrl a.Right-click on and select to copy menu item.

    (2) Open [Dataset viewer] to click the [Clipboard] button.

      (3) Now we got a contour map.