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EC: Contour Layer__Symbol


1. Import a grid file to generate a contour layer.

2. Symbol

  (1) Select the contour layer and right-click the mouse, click [Symbol].

   (2) Pop up [Symbol].

3. Symbol_Grid

   (1) Grid line and Grid value


  (2) Axis


          1> Click [Left Axis] button. Pop up [Axis setup].

          2> Ticks

          3> Label

4. Symbol_Contour line building

  (1) Color mode

  (2) Precision: Compute to N decimal places.

5. Symbol_Lengend

  (1) Click [Setup Legend], pop up [Lengend].

  (2) The values of X and Y are percentage values of position. For example: X=0.7

6. Contour types

  (1) Type One

  (2) Type Two

  (3) Type Three

  (4) Type Four

  (5) Type Five

  (6) Type Six

  (7) Type Seven