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M: Setup chart



Thematically maps a feature class based on a numeric field and displays it as a symbolized chart.


•  Chart type: Pie chart, Bar chart.

•  The type of the selected fields must be Int or Double.



1. Features and Attribute table

2. Select the point layer and right-click the mouse. Click [Setup chart] to open the [chart] dialog.

3. Firstly, Check [Show chart]. Then select the fields, click [→].

4. Edit color

   Method 1: Click the [Color mode] button. (see M: Raster Layer__Symbol__Color mode)

   Method 2: Click [Color box].

5. Let's look at the result first. Click the [OK] button.

6. We return to the [chart] dialog. [Symbol editor][Radius] can specify the size of the circle.

7. Select [Type] [Bar chart]. Reselect the fields.

8. [Symbol editor] [Bar width] and [Bar max height]

9. [Symbol editor] [Bar orientation]