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M: Add data from table



Add data into the attribute table of the feature layer.


1. We have a feature (point, line, or polygon) layer and a table (*.dbf, *.csv, *.txt) layer.

2. See attribute table

3. Select the feature layer and right-click the mouse, click [Add data from table].

4. Pop up the [Add table from table] dialog. Typically, you'll add a table of data to a layer based on the value of a

   field that can be found in both tables. The name of the field does not have to be the same, but the data type

   has to be the same; you add numbers to numbers, strings to strings, and so on. you establish a one-to-one

   relationship between the layer's attribute table and the table containing the information you want to add.

5. Select Keep all records

6.  Select Keep only matching records