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EC: Export attribute table with geometry attributes


1. Select the point layer and right-click the mouse, click [Attribute table] to open the [Attribute table] dialog.

2. Pop up the [Attribute table] dialog. Click the [File] button, then click [Add field] to open the [Add field]


3. Field name: Coord X

   Data type: Double

   Field Length: 20 (This is the default value. You can change value if you want.)

   Precision: 6 (The default value is 1. You can change value if you want. the value is only valid when exporting

                     *.dbf file.)

4. Select the Coord X column, right-click the mouse, click [Calculate geometry].

5. Pop up the [Calculate geometry] dialog.

6. Property: X coordinate of point. Click [OK].

7. Coord Y or Coord Z (ditto).

   Calculate geometry (See EC: Attribute table__Calculate geometry)